The DSP Online Conference - Right Around the Corner!

Stephane BoucherSeptember 20, 2020

It is Sunday night as I write this blog post with a few days to go before the virtual doors of the very first DSP Online Conference open..

It all started with a post in the DSPRelated forum about three months ago.  We had just had a blast running the 2020 Embedded Online Conference and we thought it could be fun to organize a smaller event dedicated to the DSP community.  So my goal with the post in the forum was to see if there was enough interest in a virtual conference targeted at the DSP community to justify the efforts of organizing one.  To my delight, the community responded very positively and within a few hours, we already had a few or the bigger names in the field showing interest to give a talk, if the event was to materialize. That's all it took to get Jacob Beningo and I excited and energized to make the event happen. 

Here we are today, three months later, with a 'just around the corner' two-days/14-talks event that includes sessions presented by some of the most recognized names in the DSP world.  We feel honored and grateful for the generous participation of fred harris, Chris Bore, John Edwards, Allen Downey, Damon Bradley,  Lalu Mansinha, Christophe Blouet, Ric Losade, Gabriele Bunkheila, Maher Al-Greer, Paul Beckmann and Ramakrishna Yellapantula

Most sessions will be 30 to 60 minutes long, followed by a 30 minutes Q&A discussion on Zoom.  There are a few exceptions - for instance fred harris' talks will both go over the one hour suggested length (Multirate talk: 1hr38min and Future Radios talks: 2hr28min!), which is very good news actually to all attendees as every minute of fred's talks is pure gold for any DSP practitioner. 

Speaking of fred, have a look at his biography if you don't know who he is (you'd have to be very young or new to the dsp field!) so you can get a sense of how lucky we are to have him give not one but two talks at the conference.  Here are the first few seconds of his talk on the Future of Radios - I mean, how charming is that?

If you are not registered yet for the conference and are a frequent contributor to the forum or a blogger on the site, pleasereach out to me for a free pass.

If you'd like to attend the conference but cannot afford the registration fee because you are either unemployed or a student, feel free to reach out to me as well for a promo code that will let you register for a much lower fee.

And if you are not available on the 24th and 25th or are concerned by the EST timezone-centered schedule, don't forget that the talks will be available 'on-demand' to all registered users for one full year.

In the hope to virtually cross your path at the conference,


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