A review on TinyML: State-of-the-art and prospects

Partha Pratim Ray

Machine learning has become an indispensable part of the existing technological domain. Edge comput- ing and Internet of Things (IoT) together presents a new opportunity to imply machine learning tech- niques at the resource constrained embedded devices at the edge of the network. Conventional machine learning requires enormous amount of power to predict a scenario. Embedded machine learning - TinyML paradigm aims to shift such plethora from traditional high-end systems to low-end clients. Several challenges are paved while doing such transition such as, maintaining the accuracy of learning models, provide train-to-deploy facility in resource frugal tiny edge devices, optimizing processing capac- ity, and improving reliability. In this paper, we present an intuitive review about such possibilities for TinyML. We firstly, present background of TinyML. Secondly, we list the tool sets for supporting TinyML. Thirdly, we present key enablers for improvement of TinyML systems. Fourthly, we present state-of-the-art about frameworks for TinyML. Finally, we identify key challenges and prescribe a future roadmap for mitigating several research issues of TinyML.